How Gloria Steinem And The Lipstick Lobby Are Empowering Women In Prison

"Stand up and fight for women."

If there's one brand that's consistently shown us that buying lipstick can make a difference, it's The Lipstick Lobby. Rather than defining itself as a beauty brand, The Lipstick Lobby describes itself as "a social justice movement for change, progress and equality" which encourages people to simply use their lips to make a difference.

The brand has previously released lip products that support Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and that support raising awareness about gun violence.


For its latest launch, The Lipstick Lobby has partnered with Gloria Steinem to release the "In the Clear" lip balm which supports the unPrison Project.

The unPrison Project is a female-led nonprofit dedicated to "building capacity for women and girls in prison." It was founded by Deborah Jiang-Stein, whose own mother was battling a drug addiction in jail. The organization's goal is to empower incarcerated women by teaching them marketable life skills and critical thinking to prepare them for successful lives after prison.

The Lipstick Lobby announced the new shade on Instagram and explained its intentions with the product. "Our mission has always been to stand up and fight for women. All women. It's a sad reality that thousands of incarcerated women are locked up and often forgotten about once in the system, defined by their past and usually unprepared for their future," the brand wrote. "We rarely get to hear their stories, their struggle, and the unique perspective they bring to our world."

The unPrison Project reveals that there are over 200,000 women who are incarcerated in the United States and 2.7 million kids under the age of 18 have a parent in prison. 

To provide support to these women, 100 percent of the net profits of the In the Clear lip balm will go to the unPrison Project.

“We must address the problems as we see it — incarcerated women have the odds stacked up against them and do not have the resources to provide for themselves and their families or to get the help they need,” Steinem stated in a press release.

She said that she chose the name In the Clear "because it speaks to the accessibility of this product — clear is universal and wearable for anyone and everyone who wants to make an impact. It also speaks to the fact these women now have a full, free life ahead of them. We all have a right to feel 'in the clear' regardless of our past."

The Lipstick Lobby In The Clear Vitamin E Lip Balm is available to shop now on the brand's website. They're encouraging shoppers to share their photos when they receive the lip product.

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