'The Leftovers' Season 2 Trailer Has Been Released. Here's Everything It Reveals About Next Season

What could it all mean?

There are still many mysteries left to be solved after the first season of The Leftovers, HBO's spooky show about what happens when two percent of the world's population disappears (or is raptured, depending on what you believe) overnight. On June 12, the premium network released the first trailer for The Leftovers' second season and it might leave fans with even more questions than we had after the finale last summer. We already knew that the new season will take place in a different location than the first (which was set in Mapleton, N.Y.), and that only a few of the original characters, including the Garvey family, will be featured.

The trailer does give us some new info, however. The 55-second-long clip is mostly taken up with footage of a seemingly endless line of cars, all headed in one direction, stopped on a road. It's clear they've been waiting a long time, as most passengers have left their vehicles and sit or stand on the side of the highway. Finally, we see a roadsign pointing to where they all must be headed: the town of Jarden, Texas. Population: 9,261. Departed: 0.

So, we now know that there's at least one town in America that experienced no departures on Oct. 14, 2011. And, for some reason, thousands of people are now flocking to the place. This could mean there's been a new development and for some reason Jarden is now playing a major role in the population's collective quest to see their departed loved ones again. Or it could be the site of another cult. Maybe the Garveys moved there. In any case, we are now (pretty) certain that much of season 2 will take place in the town. 

Like we said, this teaser has given us even more new questions to ponder. Watch the trailer below:


Season 2 of The Leftovers will premiere on HBO this fall.


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