This Cookie Jar Will Stop You From Eating All Of The Cookies In One Sitting

Donuts and iPhones work, too.

If your New Year's resolution has anything to do with eating less junk or becoming less addicted to your smartphone, you're in luck.

A company called The Kitchen Safe has created a cookie jar-like bin that keeps you from getting to your goodies until the clock ticks down to zero. Here's how it works: You put whatever you want in the jar, set a timer and until that timer goes off, everything stays sealed safely inside.

"A powerful tool to build good habits," their website boasts. 


Want those oreos? Gotta wait until after dinner.

No cellphones at the dinner table!

Only one donut per 24 hour period. Hard, we know.

The bins were seen on the popular show "Shark Tank " where rich venture capitalists choose what product or invention they'd like to invest in. With two styles of the multicolored bins sold out, especially at $49 a pop, it's clear the "sharks" made the right choice.

(H/T: The Huffington Post)  


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