These People Are On Display For The Sake Of Art, But It's Not What You Think

Truly interactive work.

Marc Sijan is a Milwaukee-based sculptor who specializes in a very particular style: life-sized hyperrealism. 

His sculptures are of full-sized, incredibly realistic people. They are not mannequins; not classically beautiful statues...but that's what makes them so compelling. Like the rumpled and rough characters in the gritty paintings of American artist Reginald Marsh, Sijan's sculptures of are of real people: the kind you might see at a bar, or sitting alone in a truck stop diner, or walking past you in the rain on the way home.

From their hair to their pores, they epitomize hyperrealism. They are more real than real. 

Indeed, people have been known to talk to the sculptures.

Mr. Sijan was kind enough to allow us to offer you a glimpse at some of his creations. We hope you'll enjoy them.



"Lady in black."


A similar sculpture by Sijan sits in the lobby of the Milwaukee Bucks practice facility. Michael Jordan once complained to the management after being ignored by the disinterested, incommunicative guard.




Here's a beautiful look at his work in a video he created.

There are many more of these featured on Marc Sijan's website: we hope you'll visit and take a look at them. Let us know which are your favorites...which would you sit and talk to?

Cover photo: "Birth" by Marc Sijan.

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