The Hogwarts Cafe Just Opened And It Is The Ultimate Spot For Every Harry Potter Fan

Complete with potions and all.

At The Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad, everything from pasta to potions are on the menu.

The cafe, inspired by one of our all-time favorite series, is complete with Harry-Potter themed decorations and menu items, including quotes from the books on the walls and cups of homemade Butterbeer.

"Inviting all wizards, witches, squibs, giants and muggles to a magical realm. Join us and indulge in food of the chosen!" the cafe's website reads.


The brothers behind the cafe, Hassan and Haider, tell BuzzFeed in that they "have always wanted to visit a place where we can enjoy good food as well as where our kids can indulge in the world of Harry Potter. A nice place for the muggles, where they could work on their laptops, maybe read a book and have a mug of chilled Butterbeer at the same time."

Other menu items, categorized under Potions, include Felix Felicis, and the Tongue Twister, as well as food items such as Godric's Hollowed Burger, The Hungarian Horntail, and The Half-Blood Steak.

"Its almost like living in fiction," one reviewer writes on Facebook. "A day trip to Hogwarts couldn't have been better than this. The amount of hard work that has been put in can be seen in the minor details that have been taken care of. From naming the menu to the overall ambience, it's all too good."

Evidently, the cafe is the perfect way for book lovers and fans to sit down, enjoy a bite, and re-immerse themselves in an inspirational, magical world they will never forget.

Check out photos of the cafe below:

And for even more, be sure to check out the cafe's Facebook page.

(H/T: DesignTaxi)


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