Octopus Escaping Fishing Boat Squeezes Through Incredibly Tiny Hole To Regain Its Freedom

Nothing can stand between this cephalopod and freedom.

Octopuses are considered the smartest invertebrates on the planet.

They can open jars, throw rocks through aquarium windows, and break into lobster traps.

They are also incredible escape artists.

Here's a video, filmed aboard an Alaskan fishing boat, of an octopus making a break for freedom through an incredibly small hole in the ship.

Most of the fishing crew think the octopus has no chance of squeezing through the narrow gap in the deck. 

But Chance Miller, who filmed the dramatic escape, knew better. 

"You watch, he going to go right through there," Miller says in the video.

"No way," says another crew member. "He can't get through there."

"You are wrong, my friend," counters Miller.

"It's like trying to get my wife in her wedding dress," says another crew member. "It ain't gonna happen."

But it did.

And now we have a one more happy octopus in the ocean and one more angry wife on land.

(H/T: Daily Dot)


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