He Celebrated His 50th Birthday With An Epic 'Game Of Thrones' Photo Shoot With His Family

The Goron Chronicles.

Turning 50 is a major milestone that most people like to celebrate with a bang. But one dad from Belgium, Wim Tilkin, had a rather unique idea for his 50th birthday — he wanted to involve his family in a "Game of Thrones"- inspired photo shoot. 


And the family went all out.

Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 

The Game of Thrones fans traveled from Belgium to Cornwall, England, to create their fantasy photo shoot, dubbed "The Goron Chronicles." The magical photo shoot even has a story inspired by the fictional series, although none of the characters are the same.

In the "The Goron Chronicles," Tilkin plays Goron, a lord who must fight the evil forces threatening their kingdom by command of his king. During his task, Goron encounters evil and betrayal while having to fight for glory.

Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 

The resulting images are something that every fantasy fan will love, but the production ahead of the shoot was just as epic.

Photographer Laura Sheridan from Sheridan's Art explained to A Plus via email that there was a lengthy preparation involved before the photo shoot took place in March. "The production took various months of preparations before it all started. Wim decided to let his hair and beard grow for several months. [Plus,] a lot of preparation went into scouting the right locations and a place to stay for the week in England," she explained.

And the family didn't overlook any details. To help get a realistic result, the Tilkin family's makeup was done by Kika Macabre, while armor was provided by Mytholon.

Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 

Sheridan explains, "The actual production took four days of preparations and shooting on various locations through the scenery of Cornwall. And it took as many days to post-process the entire series."

The hard work paid off because the Tilkin family ended up with fantastical and beautiful images.

Unsurprisingly, after the photos were shared online, they went viral. When asked by A Plus what Sheridan hopes people take away from viewing the series, she said she hopes it inspires people to take a leap. 

"I hope people realize you don’t need to be under a certain age to pursue crazy dreams or goals ..."

... "Even if that means going for a week to Cornwall, dresses up in armor, and walking around. Age is just a number and even an excuse of a 'midlife crisis' is a good one!" she stated.

The photographer added, "We hope that more people realize that and we hope to see many more projects like this happening over the years to come, be it for toddles or teenagers or those who have their own 'mid-life crises.' "

Have a look at more photos from the shoot:

Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 
Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 
Courtesy of Sheridan's Art 

To see the full "The Goron Chronicles" narrative, check out the Sheridan's Art blog.

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