The Game Just Gave $1,000,000 In Water To Flint, Michigan

And he's not the only one donating.

When it comes to helping in Flint, Michigan, the entertainment industry is taking the lead. Look no further than famed rapped The Game. 

As reported by The Michigan Chronicle, The Game pledged on Instagram to donate $1,000,000 of water to help Flint citizens who are currently in the midst of an unprecedented water crisis. $500,000 of the money will come out of The Game's pocket, while the other half will be matched by beverage company Avita Water.


He even posted proof:

The Game explained that he had two primary sources of inspiration for the giant donation: the fact that his younger sister and her son live in the Flint area, and also simply because he cares.

"Seen @Madonna & @JimmyFallon's $10,000 donations," he wrote. "That's cute, but not nearly enough.... So I challenge both & anyone else in the world to match me & DONATE $1,000,000 in bottled water to Flint, Michigan."

As The Game mentioned, he's not the only one in the entertainment industry who has given. Jon Cryer, Rosie O'Donnell and Seth Meyers have also donated, and Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, will be housing up to 50 people in a hotel in Detroit.

"Detroiters usually come to the aid of Detroiters — and Flint is certainly regarded as Detroit," Franklin said to Click On Detroit, a local news station. "Hang in there."

If you'd like to donate, you can give money through the SelfMade Foundation


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