6 Questions 'The Flash' Season 2 Must Answer

Nice suit, Barry.

After that epic finale of "The Flash," how can we possibly be expected to wait multiple months for the next season to begin? The episode raised many new questions, most of them involving what the heck is going to happen in Central City (and the rest of the DC Universe) now that Barry's gone and created a wormhole through time and space. But that's just the beginning. We've come up with the six most vital questions "The Flash" has to answer next season.

We did get some hints about what next season will bring, based on the images Barry sees as he's running through the time tunnel. He passed by scenes featuring Caitlin Snow as the supervillain Killer Frost, and he caught a glimpse of Hawk Girl (who will be more prominently featured in the spinoff "Legends of Tomorrow," premiering next year).

One thing we don't yet know: when season two of "The Flash" will start. The first season began on October 7, 2014, so a similar start date this year seems likely. But that still leaves over four months of down time, during which you better believe we'll be racking our brains trying to come up with every possible consequence of Barry's time traveling adventure. And there are a lot of possibilities.

Until then, we'll continue to wonder about these six burning questions:


Will something happen to Eddie’s body in the wormhole?

The show made it very clear that Eddie's body was not left in the past, and it also didn't make it back into the particle accelerator. Instead, it was sucked into the wormhole. That means there's a chance Eddie could somehow be resurrected, right? Right? Or that maybe he's been swept off to an alternative timeline?

Speaking of which...

Will there be multiple timelines next season?

At least here we have a straight answer: and it's yes! Grant Gustin confirmed to TV Guide that next season will involve multiple timelines, saying, "What's fun about this show is that there's going to be multiple timelines as we move forward. I think we're going to start showing Earth-One and Earth-Two in the near future. There will be kind of different dimensions going on." 

Do any of these timelines involve a universe where people don't dress in head-to-toe leather and run around trying to destroy and/or save the planet? Probably not.

Could the "Golden Age Flash" make an appearance?

You can learn a lot from a hat. Particularly if it's a hat that fans recognized as belonging to the original Flash, Jay Garrick, a character who was first created in the 1940s. That's his recognizable headgear the wormhole spit up, and it means we could be seeing more of an older Flash rushing around next season.

What does Eddie's death mean for Barry and Iris?

With Eddie gone (at least from this universe), will Barry and Iris get together next season? There will certainly be a mourning period for both characters, but "The Flash" has positioned these two as an endgame pairing, and that's a love story that will probably be explored next year. But the most important question is: What will their couple name be? Biris? 

If Eddie killed himself so Eobard wouldn’t exist, does that mean Nora is now alive?

But if Nora is alive... then Barry would never have to go back in time to save her... and then Eddie wouldn't kill himself... so Eobard would exist! 

Time travel is nuts, man.

Why did Future Flash not want to save Nora?

This is probably the biggest mystery of all. Why did Barry risk everything (including literally the future of the world), to go back and save his mother, only for his future self to tell him not to?

All these questions are driving us bonkers. How soon is season two again? 


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