These Men Were Peeing On The Street. What Happened Next Is Hilarious... And Insane.

Effective, if inelegant.

A YouTuber only known as The Clean Indian posted this video last April of what's got to be one of the craziest public health campaigns ever devised: a large truck, dubbed "The Pissing Tanker," that patrols the streets of Mumbai with masked men wielding water cannons who literally hose down anyone they see urinating in the street. 


India has a bit of a public urination problem, it seems.

According to publication Global Voices, a "poor understanding of hygiene and public decency" accompanied by a dearth of public bathrooms has created this social problem.

The BBC notes that similar, if less dramatic, campaigns have been launched in Rajasthan where some people have taken to blowing whistles and beating drums when encountering men using the bathroom in public. 

This is not a new problem. CNN reported in 2009 that signs addressing the issue were put up by officials in New Delhi.

The "Pissing Tanker," however, steps things up a notch.

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