Touching Short Film Answers The Profound Questions We Might Ask After We Die

What questions would you ask?

Assume for a moment — putting aside all personal doubt, belief, and conviction if you can — that when you die, some vital part of your consciousness survives intact: a soul or a spirit, entirely yours and entirely aware that you are now bereft of a body and any meaningful physical influence.

You "wake up" alone, but aware that you've died.

Rather than your life passing before your eyes, you're able to see your life from an omnipotent point of view: You can rewind, ask questions, see, and, to some degree, understand everything you've always wanted to know about your life.

In other words, if you suddenly had access to an entire database containing every fact of your life...


...what questions would you ask?

This short film takes a look at what that might be like.

Written and directed by Michael Goode, The Answers dares to probe the way we think about our lives and the permanence of our decisions.

Its power lies partially in the way that the poignancy of the topic is initially softened with humor. At first, the protagonist, expressively played by co-producer Daniel Lissing, amuses himself, playfully asking the questions we all might ask. As his answers begin to point in the same direction, however, he finds himself uncovering one of his deepest regrets, namely the one who got away: his girlfriend, Paige (Rose McIver).

As his regret sinks in, he realizes that there are some things we should never take for granted.

Love is foremost among them.

As you watch The Answers, you may ask yourself what things you'd regret doing or not doing, saying or not saying, if you were to die today.

Those are important questions. It's best to answer them now.

Take a look at The Answers and remember, you still have time to change yours.

Please be advised, the film is slightly NSFW for language and content.


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