Strangers On A Blind Date Speak Honestly About Their First Impressions Of One Another

"Why do you think I'm single?"


"If we had a relationship, what do you see me doing that would end it?" 

Publishing collective The Skin Deep recently posted a video to their YouTube channel from {The And}, an interactive documentary film about the way we experience love in a relationship. In it, participants Kelsey and Nick sit down for a blind date, and make assumptions about one another based off of their first impressions.

Each participant is prompted with questions regarding what it would be like to sleep with, and date, the other person, as well as questions about their appearances, sexiest qualities, flaws, strengths, and more. 

"Why do you think I'm single?" Kelsey asks Nick.

To which Nick responds: "I think that you're single right now because it seems like you have dealt with some shit before ... and you're kind of at the point in your life where you're trying to figure out where you're going."

Surprisingly, Kelsey confirms that Nick's answer is totally spot on.

"Choose five words to describe what you think having sex would be like with me."

Based off her first impression, Kelsey says that sleeping with Nick would be "fun, different, new, exciting, and adventurous." Moreover, it would be "different" because she's never slept with someone outside of her own race before. 

The two go on to talk honestly about their past relationships and whether or not they would approach one another in real life. They also discuss what they think could end their hypothetical relationship.

And finally, the last card Kelsey reads says: "Do you feel chemistry?"

Evidently, they both do.

"I do, I feel like we are both very comfortable with each other," Nick says. 

"I think so, for sure. [The fact that] you can just look at me and see or feel certain things about me and it's the actual truth ... it's super weird," Kelsey adds.

We think there might be a second date after this.

Be sure to watch the full video above for more. 


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