2014's Most Unforgettable GIFs

Remember these?

Despite talk of how things are eternal once they go online, the Internet's collective attention span is pretty miniscule: Today's clever meme is tomorrow's eye roll. In the time it takes you to read this, scores of videos will have disappeared from viral radar and joined the great digital graveyard.

It can be fun to take a look back and see what was popular: It gives a glimpse of how quickly we forget things; how quickly "15 minutes of fame" slips through the hourglass.

Here are the top 20 GIFs of 2014 as collected by Imgur user Sittingonabigblueboxlolwtfmars.



1. This one is still mind-blowing.

2. Nobody likes being reminded that they're getting older.

3. V.P. having fun.

4. As if.

5. This expression is limitless in application.

6. Not the most agile pup.

7. Epic.

8. Is there any way we can get this GIF on a shirt?

9. Ass-ault.

10. Hawk 1, Drone 0.

11. This never gets tiring.

12. Romantic.

13. This is just terrifying.

14. Playmaker.

15. There are any number of Star Wars puns that could go here, but this speaks for itself.

16. Main thing is getting back up again.

17. Vacation Level: pro

18. A gentle reminder.

19. Says so much with so little.

20. This guy.

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