These Couples Try To Tell Their 'How We Met' Stories, But Their Memories Don't Exactly Match Up

"That's not at all what I said."

If put to the test, do you think you and your significant other would share the exact same details about how you met? Do you remember what you wore on your first encounter? How about what you ate? What was your partner wearing? 

In their latest video, Glamour gathered three couples, and separated the partners to ask each person how they met their S.O.  The result? Sometimes, what one person remembered was strikingly different than what their partner recalled. 


"I would assume I paid," one of the guys said during his interview.

"I don't think he paid," his partner said during hers.

Even when the details matched up, it was sweet to hear what they're different perspectives on the event were. Overall, their stories were funny, adorable, and slightly embarrassing, but the way each couple interacted with one another clearly showed viewers just how much they care. 

At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter exactly how you met someone. What matters is that you did meet and that you make each other happy. If you have that, who cares if you don't remember what movie you watched when you first met. 

Watch the whole thing below:


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