5 TV Show Episodes You Need To Watch This Thanksgiving Weekend

Stay entertained.

When Thanksgiving dinner's all said and done, there's nothing else you want to do more than take a long nap. But if you're recovering from a holiday-induced food coma, it's time to do something. And that something is watching endless amounts of television.


So curl up with some leftovers, grab a blanket, and get ready to watch some classic Thanksgiving episodes from these shows.

1. "Friends"

Thanksgiving episodes of Friends were a staple in the sitcom's 10-year run. While it's hard to narrow down just one episode to watch from the series, "The One With All the Thanksgivings" from season 5 is a great refresher for people who haven't watched in a long time.

The episode focuses on the gang discussing some of their worst Thanksgivings, fixating on Chandler, Monica, Ross, and Rachel through two Thanksgivings in 1987 and 1988. Season 5 happens to be the start of Chandler and Monica's relationship, so we catch a glimpse of the moment Chandler and Monica first meet and when Monica overhears him insulting her weight.

The next year, Monica wants nothing more than to humiliate him, but ends up accidentally dropping a knife on his toe, sending him to the hospital. Although Chandler apologizes to Monica for what he said years before, he had no idea what really caused the accident.

But spoiler alert: things work out in the end and Chandler tells Monica he loves her for the first time after she puts a turkey on her head. It's a classic episode in the middle of the show's run that shows how despite their rocky meeting, the two have grown to love each other in their own eccentric way.

You can watch Friends on Netflix.

2. "The Simpsons"

It's easy to ignore early episodes of The Simpsons with 29 seasons under its belt. But if you're looking for a heartfelt episode to watch in between relaxing on the couch before Black Friday sales start, then "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" is the one to stream.

The season 2 episode revolves around Bart ruining Thanksgiving dinner after getting into a fight with Lisa and accidentally throws her carefully crafted table centerpiece honoring women into the fireplace. As Lisa runs off crying, Bart is sent to his room and expected to apologize to his sister. But when he refuses to do so, he runs away and ends up spending a portion of his Thanksgiving in a homeless shelter.

Realizing how grateful he should be for everything he has, Bart returns home and talks to Lisa, who makes him realize why he should apologize to her.

"The only reason to apologize is if you look deep down inside yourself and you find a spot," Lisa says, "something you wish wasn't there because you feel bad that you hurt your sister's feelings."

Yep, even a Simpsons episode can be this touching.

Stream The Simpsons on Hulu and SlingTV.

3. "Family Ties"

The classic '80s family sitcom about two liberal ex-hippies raising children is still relevant these days, especially in its Thanksgiving episode "No Nukes is Good Nukes" from season 1.

Parents Steven and Elyse Keaton end up in jail on Thanksgiving after protesting against nuclear arms. When their son, Alex, and Elyse's father show up to bail them out of jail, Alex gives them a paper to sign saying that in order to get out of jail, they have to agree to never protest about nuclear arms again.

Armed with a moral dilemma and the fact that they would be giving up their First Amendment rights, Steven and Elyse refuse to sign the paper. 

As Alex argues with his parents to sign the paper on behalf of him and his sisters, it's Steven who gives him the reason why staying in jail is for the family.

"I want you to know your father is a man who stands up for what he believes," Steven says.

Although Steven and Elyse find their way out of jail, the family brings Thanksgiving to them, showing the unwavering support a family can have for one another.

Watch Family Ties on Amazon, CBS, and iTunes.

4. "Gilmore Girls"

Lorelai and Rory have a Thanksgiving dilemma in season 3's "A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving" that only they could have. The two need to make appearances at four different Thanksgiving dinners. As the mother-daughter duo navigate everything from a tofu turkey to a deep-fried one, you'll appreciate the show's creative commitment to making a holiday like Thanksgiving so peculiar and funny.

There's still a lot of drama that occurs in the episode, but when you're finished with your Thanksgiving dinner, you'll be thankful you didn't book four back-to-back meals in one day.

Gilmore Girls is available on Netflix.

5. "Bob's Burgers"

While Bob's Burgers is a fairly new show, its Thanksgiving episodes are quickly becoming part of its catalog of classic episodes.

One that stands out is "Turkey From a Can" from season 4. Bob is excited to use a three-day recipe for the turkey this year, but like any sitcom, there are a number of obstacles getting in his way. This year, it's a combination of his daughter Tina wanting to sit at the adults' table to his sister-in-law Gayle staying over for the holiday weekend with cats he's allergic to.

Bob then finds his turkey in the toilet the next day. Upset at his Thanksgiving recipe being ruined, he interrogates everyone in the family to figure out who did it and goes to buy a new one. But it just keeps happening. So Bob goes as far as purchasing way too many turkeys to make sure it stops happening.

But spoiler alert: what Bob ends up finding out that it was him all along. The cat allergy medicine he was taking because of Gayle was causing him to sleepwalk and dream about potty training Tina.

Even in a show as crazy and hilarious as Bob's Burgers, we're left with a lot of heart about a dad who doesn't want to see his daughter grow up. And even when he accepts it, he knows she'll always be his little girl.

Stream Bob's Burgers on Hulu.

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