10 Years After A Tragic Accident, Mother Finds The People Who Helped Her Son Live

This story proves you can be sad and happy at the same time.

Ten years ago, Kellie Haddock was living a fairytale.

She had just given birth to a baby boy named Eli and couldn't wait to live a happy family life with her husband and their newborn son. But soon destiny took a very unexpected turn.

"Ten years ago my husband, our 14-week old baby boy and I were driving home from visiting his parents. We were listening to Al Greene's 'Let's Stay Together'. The sun was setting. And that is all I remember… The next scene in my memory feels like a camera lens trying to come into focus," Haddock writes on her website

Kellie and her family got into a horrific car accident. Her husband died instantly, but their son survived. Now Kellie wants to thank all the people who helped save her son's life.

Listen to her story below.


The 'Thank You Project' was filmed by Jon Strong of Strongfilms and featured by the Arnold Palmer Hospital for their 25th Anniversary celebration: the same hospital that Eli was in after the accident.

To find out more about Kellie's and Eli's journey, please visit her website.

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