When She Saw What He Drew, She Was Upset. But When She Found Out The Whole Story, She Couldn't Help But Smile.

This is incredibly cute.

Thai Life, a Bangkok-based insurance company, says that a real student-teacher story inspired this short film -- and an incredible one at that.

The teacher in the video had asked her class to draw pictures of the superheroes they'd like to grow up to be, and becomes concerned when one little boy turns in a picture of a garbage man. 

Is there something wrong? Does he feel like he can't be anything else he might want to be? Of all the amazing superpowers he could possibly wish for, why does he want anti-car body armor?  

When the teacher finds out why he drew what he drew, she can't stop smiling.

Any little boy who has this much love and pride for his mother gets a 10/10 in our books. 


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