This Advertisement Will Completely Change The Way You Think About 'Opportunity'

"How do opportunities arise?"

Thai Life, a Bangkok-based insurance company, has become known for its tear-jerking advertisements. If you have no idea what we're talking about, you may want to check out "Garbage Man," "Unsung Hero," or "Follow the Father." Although we should probably warn you that you're going to be feeling pretty emotional afterward. 

The latest video from the life insurance company is admittedly a bit more confusing to follow than the rest, but no less hard-hitting. In "Opportunity," a middle-aged woman finds herself in what seems like a job interview. The interviewer asks her, "How do opportunities arise?" From there, we see a dual narrative that shows the different sides of opportunity. 

On one hand, we see that opportunities arose for the woman thanks to her connections, talent, diligence, and attentiveness. These are all things we often associate with someone who is given the opportunity to work a sought-after job. And it's these attributes most managers will see during the interview. 

But, on the other hand, the things they won't see are the life events that made this woman the type of person she now is. We get a glimpse into her past and realize that she suffered greatly in her life and had to persistently work hard to overcome the hardships she was handed.

In the end, we're reminded that opportunities can mean the most when we're the ones giving them to other people. 


Watch the ad below:

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