After Seeing This Touching Thai Ad You'll Want To Call Your Parents To Talk About Their Dreams

Beautiful things can be built on love.

Everyone has dreams, whether they're getting into law school, learning how to surf or flying to the moon. And there's no greater feeling than actually getting to fulfill these dreams, no matter how big (or silly) they are.

Sometimes, though, we get so focused on our own dreams that we take no notice of the ones of people that we love and care about. This touching new Thai ad reminds us of how important it is to actually find a balance between the two.

The ad follows the life of a young Thai girl who always dreamt of becoming a ballerina and got nothing but support from her father throughout the years. But what about her dad's dreams?


Make sure to watch the entire ad below.

After seeing it, you might feel like calling up all people you care about - just to check in on their dreams.


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