Shocking Video Shot From The First-Person Perspective Shows How Your Life Would Look If You Were A Transgender Person In Europe

It's way harder than you might think.

Imagine showing your ID at a local store only to be falsely accused of being a fraud. All of this because your passport doesn't match your true identity. Sadly enough, this is the case for many transgender people around the world.

Transgender Europe (TGEU), an organization working toward full equality for transgender people, explains the situation in detail on their website

When asked to prove their identity, for example when traveling, opening a bank account, renting an apartment, or picking up a parcel from a post office, trans people may be forced to come out as trans, accused of being a fraud, and become vulnerable to humiliation, discrimination and violence.

"Why not simply change your passport to one matching your true identity?" you might ask. Well, in many European countries, it's a humiliating process on its own and it's impossible to get a new passport "without invasive and abusive requirements that violate human rights." Some of these requirements include:

– Being forced to undergo sterilization and other medical interventions
– Being forced to get a divorce (if married)
– Having to receive a diagnosis of mental illness, despite not being     mentally ill, or a "psychological opinion"


The 34 Countries in Europe Make This Nightmare a Reality video was released by TGEU a couple of days ago. In puts these shocking stats into perspective. 

Shot from the first-person point of view, it shows the trials you might face if you were a transgender person in Europe trying to get your passport changed. 

It will leave you feeling uneasy. Watch the entire video below.


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