Protesters Overshadow Mock Mass Shooting

An epic act of trolling.

A pair of pro-gun organizations made headlines last week when they announced their intentions of holding a mock mass shooting at the University of Texas campus over the weekend. The groups, who used cardboard guns and fake blood, wanted to promote the expanded use of guns on the campus, even though many people in the University of Texas community were appalled by the idea of having a mock mass shooting just days after real ones in the U.S.

One of the many people concerned with the idea of a theatrical mass shooting on their campus was Tim Sookram.

"What they're doing is stupid, and worst of all unsafe and likely to cause a panic," Sookram said to Mashable.

That's when Sookram teamed up with University of Texas alumnus, Andrew Dobbs, to organize a counter-protest on campus. Their plan was not to do a traditional gun safety protest. Instead, they decided to fight the theatrics of the mock mass shooting with their own theatrics.


They organized a fart protest.

Specifically, they would have machines that made flatulence noises to drown out the mock mass shooting noises.

"Basically disrupting this vile, horrible "theatrical event" is our main goal," Sookram said to Mashable. "Gun deaths and mass shootings aren't a laughing matter and we're really just answering their crude noises with our own."

100 counter-protesters showed up on the University of Texas campus. They had flatulence noisemakers and carried signs.

The counter-protesters chanted "Texas farts!" and "We fart in your general direction” as they marched.

"This is about a choice between fear and a little bit of good humor," Dobbs told the crowd, according to the Houston Chronical. "We are in a scary time right now and lots of scary things are happening, and some people want us to be more afraid."

And it appears that the fart protesters actually won. They had more attendees than the mock mass shooting and they successfully drowned out their noises with — of all things —  flatulence.

Watch the full video:


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