Texas' Flood Affected Shelter Animals, But Texans Are Lining Up To Adopt Them


The heavy flooding in Texas is finally, slowly receding, and though the scope of the damage has yet to be ascertained, all signs point to there being an enormous amount of repair work. Amid their own flood-related worries, many Texans lined up to adopt dogs from animal shelters, overcrowded with animals lost in or rescued from the flood.

The long line of people who took up the responsibility came after incapacitated animal care facilities pleaded on social media for people to adopt the deluge of animals that the flood brought to their centers. In fact, one of them, the Austin Animal Center, was so over capacity that they had to evacuate some 60 dogs.

So residents stepped up, forming lines all the way outside animal shelters as they waited their turn to either permanently adopt the animals or provide temporary housing until the shelters cleaned up and returned to normal.

Animal shelters are also using social media to help owners find their pets who were lost in the chaos of the flood. The Austin Animal Center also waived the adoption fees and reclaim fees for neutered animals as an added incentive.

Despite the flood's devastation — 18 people were found dead in Texas and Oklahoma, and 13 are still missing — these pictures are evidence that people are capable of the kind of compassion that is sorely needed today, even in the worst of times.


(Cover image via Austin Animal Center/Facebook)


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