New Tesla Video Shows First Full Self-Driving Car In Action

Are totally self-driving cars closer than we think?

Tesla released an enthralling new video on Tuesday that shows off the Model 3's self-driving abilities.


The video points to a larger investment Tesla is making on autonomous driving and comes shortly after the company shared its plans to release a fleet of one million self-driving taxis. Tesla has demonstrated its cars operating on the highways without an active driver, but the new video is a 12-mile drive that includes the car responding to traffic lights and making turns. 

The video represents a major breakthrough for the car company, which is trying to increase the public's trust in autonomous driving. Mashable reported that the video was a single take shot with no editing and spanned 18 minutes in real time, though it is condensed to less than two minutes.

Inverse, a tech news website, noted that the Model 3 "navigates through suburban roads, highways, four-way intersections, and most notably, an offramp loop" in the video. During a company investor day on Monday that focused on autonomy, Musk said that the technology being used in the Model 3 video will be put into every Tesla with autopilot before the end of the year. That technology includes 8 vision cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors to go along with radar technology, according to Tesla's website. 

"I'm very convinced... in the future, people will want to outlaw people driving their own cars because they'll be unsafe," Musk said at the event.


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