Watch People Lose Their Cool When Tesla Driver Hits The 'Insane Mode'

It REALLY is insane.

The latest version of Tesla Model S, the high-end P85D, comes with an improved breaking system, a new autopilot feature, two motors and, most importantly, through-the-roof acceleration. But how do you tell all of that to a random, mechanically-illiterate consumer with a few-hundred-thousand bucks in his pockets?

You put an "INSANE MODE" button in the car.


Why is it called "insane," you may wonder? This guy's face says it all.

The incredible feature, which sounds more like something you would find in a Batman or Fast & Furious movie, takes the car from 0 to a whopping 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 freakin seconds! 

According to Business Insider, this kind of acceleration is on par with some of the world's fastest sports cars, including Ferrari and even the McLaren F1 supercar. According to Green Car Reports, Tesla's P85D is "arguably the fastest four-door sedan on the market."

Especially handy if the kids are annoying you with their mobile devices.

YouTube channel DragTimes decided to give Tesla's new "Insane Mode" a spin and tested it on a bunch of unsuspecting passengers. This compilation of their reactions when the car rockets to its top speed will give you a good laugh and a shadow of envy. After all, who wouldn't like to test THAT?!

(H/T: Business Insider)

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