Heartbreaking Story Shows The Extremes Parents Will Go To To Provide For Their Kids

Mind twister.

This is a story of a simple man. A man who drives a cab, eats cheap street food and counts every last penny so his kid has a roof over his head.


Day after day, he deals with rude, stinky, sometimes even violent passengers ...

... only to come back home to his precious son. But there's actually a HUGE twist in his story that changes everything.

The story is actually about a mother and the sacrifice she had to make in order to provide for her child.

Created as a Mother's Day ad for Tesco Lotus Thailand, the heart-wrenching story not only reminds us of the extremes parents can go to support and provide for their children, but also tackles the cultural issue of gender inequality that is still prevalent in Thailand.

Watch the full video below:


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