Terry Crews And His Wife Had A 90-Day Sex Fast. Here's What They Learned.

Three long months.

When a married couple stops having sex, it can sometimes signal a problem in the marriage.

But for actor Terry Crews (known for his roles in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and the Old Spice commercials) and his wife Rebecca of 25 years, an entirely different reason was behind their abstinence.


They stopped having sex to strengthen their marriage.

"90 days — no sex, all relationship, all talk, all cuddle," Crews told the Huffington Post.

It was part of a 90-day sex fast that Crews and his wife agreed to so that they could improve their marriage. Both Crews and his wife are busy with work and taking care of their five kids, so this sex fast was an opportunity to better their relationship.

"I found that at the end of that 90 days... I knew who she was, and it wasn't about 'Let's go out because I know I'm gonna get some sex later.' It was like, 'Let's go because I want to talk to you. I want to know you'," he told the Huffington Post.

According to Crews, the results of the sex fast were incredibly positive.

He said that they are “more in love” and “more turned on” as a result of it.

Crews also explained why some men would actually favor this type of intimacy.

"You're not looking for porn. You're looking for someone to know you and love you at the same time," Crews said to the Huffington Post. "That's all you want -- every man out there. But he's scared sometimes. That's why men put up big fronts."


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