Terry Crews Lip Syncs A Song That Doesn't Fit His Body At All. And Owns It 100 Percent.

Who knew he'd make such a perfect female vocalist?

Terry Crews may have been known for his excellent football moves and acting skills, but his reputation changed just a little bit after he gave one heck of a performance on "Lip Sync Battle." Now he will be known as the guy that can pull off anything when it comes to lip syncing.  

When he got in front of the piano and played the first few notes, the crowd erupted in cheer. 


Because Crews had decided to lip sync Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles."

Hearing the high-pitched voice of Carlton coming through Crews perfectly synced lips is pretty amazing to say the least.

But it wasn't just about the "singing." It was about the dancing.

When Terry's opponent, Mike Tyson, later took the stage to perform "Push It" By Salt-N-Pepa, it was no question who the winner was. 

Check out the video here:

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