Photographer's 'Bent Objects' Series Turns Ordinary Items Into Humorous Characters

Giving nuts some character.

On his website, Terry Border explains he studied fine art photography because back in 1988, "he wanted to be practical and not be an artist, [and so] he worked as a commercial photographer for many years, photographing the most mind-numbingly, boring s**t you can think of."

Presumably, it wasn't his passion.


"I was making a living, but I used to photograph a lot of ironing boards and cremation urns. That. Was. My. Life," Border tells A Plus in an email.

So, in an effort to exercise both his creativity and witty sense of humor, Border began his "Bent Objects" project in 2006. The project features everyday objects with wire limbs in various poses and environments.

Say, for instance, two chips lounging on the beach, or some assorted nuts playing ball.

Moving away from urns and boards, Border says he can now make up funny, entertaining stories and turn them into something visual.

"When people laugh because of what I've done, I know I've made a connection with them. For me to have my work appreciated like that? There is nothing better," Border says.

"A lot of artists are 'different' anyway, you may as well make it work for you!"


Now, Border has four published books: "Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love," "Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things," "Happy Birthday, Cupcake!" and "Peanut Butter & Cupcake!" 

Moreover, his work has landed success in commercial campaigns for Nextel and OXO International. 

And his advice for other artists is important.

"When I started making what I really enjoyed and not what I thought was supposed to be 'ART' — that's when my work took off. I started accenting my eccentricities and what made me different. A lot of artists are 'different' anyway, you may as well make it work for you!" he explains.

And it's these eccentricities that we now celebrate.

Continue for more of Border's work:

For more from Border's "Bent Objects" series as well as additional works, be sure to check out his website, Facebook, and videos.

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