This Is Why Your Siblings Are Your Built-In Allies

You share DNA... and everything else

It's easy to understand why you don't always get along with your siblings.

Sure, you might share DNA, but your parents also forced you to share EVERYTHING else. By the time you moved out of the house you hardly had anything to pack. You permanently "shared" it all with your siblings.  

There are so many reasons to resent your siblings, especially if you outnumbered your parents. That's when the real trouble begins. You start to regard your siblings as the enemy — the competition. You forget that your siblings are one of the only constants in life. 

The truth is, it's you guys against the world — and the world can be a pretty dangerous place.


If you’re lucky enough to have siblings, then you’re lucky enough to have built-in allies.

In honor of National Sibling Day, let's just take a moment to applaud Erica Edgerly, a 21-year-old big sister from Texas who posted this picture to Facebook to defend her little sister.

Edgerly addresses plenty of important issues in her post, but perhaps the most important value displayed is her loyalty to her sister. 

We're on Team Edgerly! 

...and speaking of teams. I'd like to dedicate this post to my own sisters. Happy National Sibling Day, Team Zaslow!


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