They Were Asked 'What's One Thing You Want to Say to Your Mom?' Their Responses Are So Moving.

What would you say?

As Mother's Day fast approaches, we are reminded of the ways our parents have changed our lives, supported and loved us. But we don't always let them know just how much they've affected who we've become, and the ways they've helped us grow. 

When the do-gooders of YouTube channel SoulPancake asked some people "What's one thing you want to say to your mom?" they got some beautiful responses. 


"When I was at my lowest times, she was always there to just hear me out, even if what I was saying was totally ridiculous." 

"I would just say 'Mom I love you, and I miss going to McDonald's with you.' Doesn't that sound silly? We just used to do that. She loved McDonald's." 

"Okay, so my mom — she's Brazilian. She says she speaks english, but when she tries to, the words come out all wrong... I realize that it's hard work raising two kids, and moving to a different country. Like, I realize that. I realize that now." 

"My mother was an ego booster. When I first started to play guitar, we went to Hollywood, and she bought me my first guitar." 

"When I was born my dad said to my mom 'Meet your new best friend.'" 

Watch the full video below:

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