This Naval Commander's Mom Had No Words After Seeing This Message From Her Son

A Mother's Day gift she'll never forget.

Teleflora did something very special for a Virginia-based naval commander's mom.


The floral delivery company brought Moreno Valley, California's Cindy Breed, 61, a video message from her son.

According to an article by, Ryan Breed is a 38-year-old naval commander currently based in Norfolk, Virginia who doesn't get to see his mother very often. In fact, when she gets his video card, it's been two years since they last saw each other.

Ryan's video is a touching reminder of the sacrifices women often make when they have children.

Ryan notes how much she had to give up as a single mother, working full-time for the postal service and sacrificing dreams of becoming a professional athlete to have and raise her son. 

He tells her that it was her "guiding light" that has made him a better father, husband, and sailor.

And of course, she's moved beyond words.

But what comes next will make your heart ache. Watch the video in its entirety below.


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