5 Teens Who Turned Heads With Their DIY Prom Dresses

One teen made her dress entirely out of trash bags.

Finding the perfect prom dress is a big deal for teens. But for some, shopping does not enter into the equation as they'd rather DIY a prom dress themselves. Their creations illustrate that fashion can be a great way to both showcase your personality, and make a statement. 

We've rounded up some of our favorite homemade prom dresses below to inspire you if you are of prom age, or if you're just a general appreciator of fashion and artistry.  

You can check them all out below:


1. This dress made from trash bags.

"When someone calls you trashy, make a dress out of trash bags [and] prove them fabulously correct," YouTuber Amber Scholl tweeted alongside pictures of her dress. 

Twitter and Instagram users were quick to celebrate the project, writing messages like "I literally didn't even realize this was trash bags until I read your comment" and "Omg amazing! Yes, girl ... love you and how positive you stay. Full support here. BTW you look stunning as always and so creative." 

2. This dress featuring faces of iconic Black women.

High school student Skyler Branch worked with a seamstress to create a prom dress featuring the faces of Black women who've inspired her. This included Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and Branch's grandmothers. 

"She said, 'Mom, there's been so many extraordinary African-American women who have done so much for me. I want to show them some respect so that they know that not just the older adults but the younger adults appreciate who paved the way,'" Skyler's mother Dayna told Yahoo Lifestyle.

3. This viral prom dress that 'sparked conversation about race, feminism and the youth.'

In 2018, Kyemah McEntyre created a prom dress as a way to rise above her bullies.

"This is for always being labeled as 'ugly' or 'angry.' Thank God, stereotypes are just opinions," McEntyre wrote on Instagram. 

A year later, she reflected: "Last Year, June 4th marks the day that my words, and of course my self-designed prom dress went viral. But ultimately it sparked conversation about race, feminism and the youth. A conversation that touched corners of the globe, and influenced an even greater outcome. One that would inspire people to question societal standards. I remember the stages of designing this dress. Questioning its silhouette, or its color ... But the one thing I knew for sure is that I wanted it to inspire some girl out there to love herself unconditionally. To let her know that everything about her is beautiful, and no one, literally no one can cast a definition on her, especially if she has already defined herself. "

Since then, McEntyre has continued designing, showcasing her talent and work at Harlem Fashion Week, on red carpets, and within the pages of Vogue, Vogue Italia and Teen Vogue, among other places.

4. This dress, made in 24 hours.

24 hours before prom, Shami Oshun fashioned a purple prom dress out of $15 worth of fabric. 

"I have no idea what I'm doing right now just making stuff up as I go," she tweeted. The dress surely impressed people, seeing as it collected nearly 3,000 likes on Instagram with a ton of positive feedback:

"This is amazing. It's like a cloud of flowers following your every step. Never seen anything like it," one person commented.

"This is just awesome!! Are you taking orders?" another wrote.

5. This movie-inspired dress.

In 2016, 18-year-old Jimelle Levon created Coming To America-inspired looks for prom featuring hand cut gold leaves on his date's dress and the same embellishments on his own blazer.

"I've been designing for four years now. I started off painting shoes and distressing jean shorts, then expanded from there. I have never taken any classes or been taught how to sew," Levon explained on his website. "I am a self-taught artist."


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