Teens Learn Just How Wrong Their Assumptions About Each Other Are

We've all been guilty of making snap judgements.

It's very easy to make assumptions about someone based on their appearance or even the things they like to do. The truth is, no matter how much you think you've got someone all figured out, you might be totally wrong. 

To prove just how incorrect our judgments can be, YouTube channel SoulPancake created the Reverse Assumption series, a video social experiment where two strangers sit back to back and have a conversation before guessing what the other looks like. Whether it's finding out an old man is a rap star, or that an unlikely person could actually be your BFF, every episode ends with the participants realizing their assumptions about the other were pretty off. 

In this episode, two pairs of teens sit back to back and learn more about each other's interests and upbringing. They asked each other about their dating lives and their relationship with their family. After gathering all the info, they had to guess what their partner looked like. And while each teen gave a fully detailed description of each other, they were surprised to discover how wrong they were. 


"My assumption was really wrong," Jineen said of her partner Grant. "I thought he looked different than how he actually looks like."

As the teens revealed themselves, they got a chance to really to know each other as the moments they had while sitting back to back eliminated any space for judgement based on appearance. The video is a true example of what it means to be open and accepting of one another. We are all unique in our own ways and nothing on the outside should define what's on the inside.


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