These Teens Reacting To Windows 95 Basically Sums Up All Of Our Frustrations Of Yesteryear

Oh, floppy disc, how we don't miss you.

"It's a Dell, not the singer."


Good one! And yes, Seth, you'd be correct. 

That is an old-school computer called a Dell PC running Windows 95.

At one point in our ancient lives, we used these contraptions and were actually blown away by how advanced they were.

But first, let's see if they can even get the computer on. Yes, there are separate power switches for the computer and monitor. We'll wait.

Released on August 24, 1995, Windows 95 introduced us to a whole new world of technology and sold 7 million copies in the first five weeks.

We had AOL, dial-up modems, and a "Start" menu. 

Before there was the trusty old Start menu, people basically had to be a Gandalf-level computer wizard to use a program called MS-DOS, where you had to input codes for commands.

This helped make computers easier to use for the general public. However, Rae just seems to notice Illuminati symbols.

Moving on.

The teens soon discovered the pain we all felt when we were just trying to connect to AIM without Wi-Fi.

Oh, the joyous sounds of the computer trying to dial a phone line.

It could be argued that the dial-up sounded like a Wookie, but we'll save that fight for a different day.

Anyway, between floppy discs and extremely slow Internet speeds, we will always be thankful to Bill Gates for this huge leap in technology.

Check out the video below:


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