These Teens Took A Trip Down Memory Lane With Popular Songs From The 2000s

"If it's Radio Disney, I'll get it."

Believe it or not, most teenagers these days were born in the early 2000s. But do they recognize the music that was popular when they were little kids? A new video from REACT, the same YouTube channel that previously brought us teens guessing '90s music and pop-punk music, seeks to find out.

Some of the teens start things off with disclaimers. "If it's Radio Disney, I'll get it," prefaces Gavin, while Noah confirms that most of his experience with 2000s music occurred on the bus ride to school. However, Marlhy says she's "started listening to more 2000s stuff," and Tori has even made herself a 2000s playlist, so they have faith in themselves.


Things start out strong, with most of the teens correctly guessing "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, although some of them can only identify CeeLo Green as the artist. Similarly, Brooklin only knows U2 as "Bono's band" — but at least she doesn't mistake them for Coldplay.

You might be horrified (or not) to discover that none of the teens can name James Blunt as the singer behind "You're Beautiful," although Tori says her mom "would play this in the kitchen all the time." However, when Britney Spears' "Toxic" comes on, not only do most of them know it, but they all start busting a move in their seats.

"You can see why the 2000s is like a golden age for music," says Luis at one point. "It's music like this that brings the soul out of you and makes it dance with you side by side." We'll try not to let that make us feel old.

See all their reactions in the video below:


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