This Teen's Bruno Mars 'Promposal' Includes A Backflip And Backup Dancers

"A special promposal for a special girl."

A new bar for promposals may have just been set. A teen named Calvin asked his girlfriend to prom with a choreographed dance set to Bruno Mars' song "Treasure."  The dance, performed with the help of eight of Calvin's friends, was in front of a large crowd of students and teachers outside the school. Oh, then he did some sort of backflip situation before one of the dancers tossed him a bouquet of flowers while the rest of held up signs that spelled out, "PROM?" 


Calvin shared a video of the dance on Twitter. "A special promposal for a special girl," he wrote. It's been viewed nearly 250,000 times in just a few days.  

While many are blown away by his efforts, some are responding to the video negatively because they think promposals are getting out of hand. For the naysayers, Calvin has a sweet message about his gesture. "It was about letting my girl to know she's special, not prom," he wrote on Twitter

Based on the video, it looks like his girlfriend got that message loud and clear. 


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