Her Class Project Turned Into A 40 Pound Cabbage That Fed More Than 200 People. And She's Not Stopping There.

She hopes to help feed those in need around the world.

Katie Stagliano was 9 years old in 2008 when she had an eye-opening experience that showed her just how impactful she can be. 

For a class project in the third grade, Stagliano took home a small cabbage seedling as part of the Bonnie Plants 3rd Grade Cabbage Program.

To her amazement, her care helped the cabbage grow to a startling 40 pounds. Stagliano then decided to donate her cabbage to a local soup kitchen. Once she realized that her former small cabbage seedling was able to feed more than 275 people, she was inspired to embark on a new journey.


Stagliano is featured in a documentary called "The Starfish Throwers." In a clip Stagliano uploaded by NationalSwell, Stagliano shared how touched she felt to see the numbers of people who benefited from her project. 

"When I looked at the people in line I thought, 'Wow, they're just like my family,'" she said. "For all I know they could be my family who've fallen on hard times."

She took off from there. Now under her initiative called Katie's Krops, Stagliano created and worked on a number of vegetable gardens to donate produce to various organizations that help feed people in need. According to her site, she has donated thousands of pounds of fresh produce. 

Stagliano gained a lot of support from people around the country eager to help fund her initiative. 

One local farmer, Bob Baker, explained why he was quick to offer Stagliano land to start a garden.

"She was like a magnet, that attracted us."

Watch Stagliano's story below:


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