Grandma Spends 18 Years Making Perfect Graduation Gift For Her Granddaughter

"My grandma's graduation gift was priceless."

Graduating from high school can make any 18-year-old feel a bit nostalgic, but this Maryland teen received a gift that made sure she'd be reflecting on the past before heading off to her exciting future. 

"My grandma's graduation gift was priceless," Maddie wrote on Twitter. "She handed me two books and told me she has been writing about me since I was born."In the post, she shared two images of books her grandmother had been using to write about Maddie's life since the day she was born. "To Maddie, 18 years of your life through my eyes and heart. Love, Gramma," the inscription reads. 


The very first entry is about her grandma's elation upon hearing that Maddie was on her way into the world. "Maddie, today is your birthday," she wrote in the book. "Your mom just called me, her and your dad are on their way to the hospital. After months of waiting we are finally going to meet you. I'm so excited!!"

The gift is incredibly sweet and something we're sure Maddie will cherish forever. Maddie had no idea that her grandmother was writing in these journals for her, but the sentiment is a beautiful reminder of how close the two are. 

"She was the first family member to fully accept me being gay," Maddie told Yahoo. "She has always called me and had me stay at her house when I'm not getting along with my family. Or when I'm upset, she will take me out to dinner or make whatever meal to my request."

We hope the pair continue to stay close as Maddie moves on to the next chapter in her life, and continues to make memories worth writing about. 


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