Teen's Hilarious Drawing Of Her Girlfriend Inspires Others To Make Their Own

It's the effort that counts.

This teen doesn't exactly have impressive drawing skills and yet, that's exactly why she's currently enjoying a little internet fame. Nineteen-year-old Delaware native Alexis Semmel recently wanted to fill her heart-shaped locket with a photo of her girlfriend, Liz Todd. The only problem is that she found it difficult to print an image that was small enough

So, she came up with a solution. She'd just draw a picture of her instead. 

And, well, see it for yourself: 


She decided to share her masterpiece with her Twitter followers last week and the tweet was widely shared. Nearly 70,000 people have retweeted it and more than 200,000 have favorited it.

And, much to our delight, the hilarious drawing inspired other people to share their own masterpieces of their significant others.

Semmel told BuzzFeed she's been enjoying the response. "I just thought that it was really sweet. It's like spreading love in a way." 

It's almost more romantic. Sure, the drawings aren't great, but it's the effort that counts. 


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