Reddit User Says This Is What His Heart Rate Looked Like When He Came Out To His Dad

An interesting look at what that experience is like.

A Reddit user posted a picture of his exercise monitoring device after coming out to his dad, and it looks like quite the heart thumper.

"My heart rate while coming out to my dad," the user, who identifies himself as "Frank" in another thread, posted. "The conversation went okay, but I'm sure it will take some getting used to."


A Plus reached out to the user for comment but didn't immediately get a response. He said his dad took it okay, according to Pink News.

"He actually told me he already knew, but made sure I understood the 'spiritual implications,'" the user said. "It's alright though, I saw that coming and I'm expecting it will take a while for him to officially get used to."

According to Pew, Frank's apprehensions are a reasonable thing to have: about four in 10 LGBT adults report that "at some point in their lives they were rejected by a family member or close friend because of their sexual orientation or gender identity." 30 percent say they've been attacked for the same reasons, and 29 percent say they've been rejected from a place of worship, something Frank alluded to.

Similar studies show that just 39 percent of LGBT adults have come out to their dads, while 56 percent have told their mothers. 

Organizations like The Trevor Project now have guides to coming out in safe ways. The guides emphasize that sometimes, after reading, you may not want to come out — and that's perfectly OK, too. 

Thankfully, it sounds like for Frank, it was an overall positive experience.

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