This Teenager Was Crippled With Back Pain Until His Chiropractor Worked Magic

Kid's got his life back now.

Muntathar Altaii is a 17-year-old who recently was experiencing severe back pain and the loss of feeling in his leg after pulling out a tree root. Bedridden for three months, he was starting to lose hope that he would ever be able to walk properly or enjoy life in any capacity again.

Mun, as he goes by, tried to see specialists but all were too afraid to work on him seeing the damage that had been done and sensitivity with which he responded to even the slightest touch. In desperation, he reached out to Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia and after the practice agree to see him, he flew out to undergo nearly two weeks of treatments.


Although he was in excruciating pain at first, he let his doctor proceed.

After just one day of treatment, he was already pushing his way back to a straight posture.

And by the end, he was fully upright with a new lease on life.

"I seriously, like, didn't even want to live anymore," said Mun. "But after, now, I'm so happy."

Watch Mun's full transformation below:


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