Guy Makes This Seriously Perfect Video Tribute To His GF And We Can Barely Handle The Perfection

Relationship goals?

You might be familiar with these two lovebirds already.


Just a couple months back, 22-year-old filmmaker Jay Alvarrez and his 18-year-old model girlfriend Alexis Ren took the Internet by storm. Their Instagram photos captured the "very essence of a teenage dream" — two ridiculously good looking people jet-setting around the world snapping gorgeous selfies of their love.

Seriously, guys. Teach us how to Instagram.

Now, Alvarrez is back with a video tribute to his stunning girlfriend...

"Something a little slower and different made for my girl. Hope you guys enjoy it!" he explains on his YouTube channel.

This guy not only wanderlusts around the world with you — skydiving, surfing and cuddling puppies — but also makes videos called "Girl of my dreams." Dang, he's a keeper.

The video starts with a pillow fight in their bedroom. Because obviously.

Then, fun at the pool.

Not that we're jealous of your adventures or anything. OK OK... maybe a little.

Ah, sweet young love.

Make sure to watch the entire video below. 

BRB. Buying a ticket to South East Asia and never coming back.

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