Teenage Cancer Patient Marries Girlfriend In Emotional Hospital Ceremony

"Joy comes in knowing that we’re not alone."


When Swift Myers asked Abbi Ruicker-Myers (née Ruicker), his girlfriend of two years, to marry him, she thought he was joking. After all, the unexpected proposal came in Myers' hospital room at St. Francis Children's Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where, according to Good Morning Americahe's spent over a month in a fight against Ewing's sarcoma — a rare form of bone cancer — that he's been engaged in for the last seven years.

"His entire family was in the hospital room and he said, 'Will you marry me? Will you be my wife?'" Ruicker-Myers said in an interview with PEOPLE. "At first, I laughed because he's always playing around, saying he wants to marry me." 

But when Myers, who had just spent 10 days in a coma, asked to call his then-girlfriend's father to ask permission, Abbi realized he was completely serious. 

"My dad said that it would be an honor to have him as a son-in-law," Ruicker-Myers told PEOPLE.

The wedding plans started as soon as he finished the call.

"Some of the nurses were in the room and as soon as they heard the conversation, they took off," Abbi told Good Morning America. "They did everything."

Two days later, they were married in a live-streamed ceremony that filled the room and hospital corridors, with still more family and friends waiting outside and watching online.

The officiant began the ceremony with a few simple words worth remembering and reflecting on.

"For centuries," he says in the video as the couple's loved ones draw close around Myers' hospital bed, "we as humanity have been getting married in different circumstances, in different places... and one of the things that's powerful about having a relationship with God and knowing God is that our circumstances good or bad don't have to define us: that in the middle of tough times, in the middle of times that don't seem joyful, we can still have joy. In the middle of times that aren't peaceful we can have peace. Joy comes in knowing that we're not alone."

The bride echoed that statement. "The power of love — I hope people see that in Swift and I," Abbi told PEOPLE. "Cancer really sucks, but at the end, it's who is around you while you battle it. It's negative from time to time, but it doesn't define who you are or what relationship is."

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