Young Couples Describe Love In A Video For 'Teen Vogue'

"It just made sense."

"If you don't find someone genuine then it's just not gonna be right," one guy says about dating in a video for Teen Vogue.

Shot in a vintage, homemade style, the publication's video features seven young couples talking about being in love — answering questions about everything from "what they miss when they're apart, to when their partner is the most beautiful," according to its description.


For example, one participant says her relationship "just made sense ... because I don't have to use him, he doesn't have to use me. There's nothing that we're gaining from each other except an actual, genuine bond."

"I think he's beautiful all the time," another person comments about his partner's beauty.

And though each of the couples are different, the video is unifying, relatable, and simply touching. Be sure to watch it in full below:


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