Turn Your Favorite Summer Snack Into The Prettiest Dessert In A Few Easy Steps

Did someone say watermelon Rice Krispies?

There's no arguing that watermelon is one of our favorite, healthy summer snacks. (Heck, people love it so much they've been trying watermelon-inspired hair this season.)

But when it comes to the perfect watermelon dessert, we've never seen something quite like this: Amirah Kassem's sweet watermelon Rice Krispies, cut into the most adorable, sharable wedges. 

In a video for Teen Vogue, Kassem, who's also taught us how to DIY Peppermint Pattie burgers, breaks down the dessert recipe into a few simple steps. 


First, make the Rice Krispies, dying a third of the mix green and the rest red.

Then, rim the green Rice Krispies around a circular pan and fill in the center with the red mixture.

Make the "seeds" by dicing up chocolate and cut the finished product into wedges.

For the full tutorial, check out the video below:


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