This Teen Used A Spotify Playlist To Tell Her Crush How She Felt

"I really wanted to tell him in a way were it wasn't too awkward if he didn't feel the same."

Please take a moment to recall how stressed and full of anxiety you were when you finally got the nerve to tell your teenage crush how you felt about them. Did you pass them a note? Make them a romantic mixtape? Send a text or IM? Work up the courage to tell them in person? Get someone else do it for you? 

Times have changed, my friend. Now, teens are using Spotify playlists to covey their feelings. Or, at least, one teen is. 


Hannah Woodley, a 17-year-old girl from Ohio, cleverly created a Spotify playlist for her crush that details her feelings using song titles. All together, the titles spell out, "I Kinda Like You" "and" "I Wanted to Tell You" "You Might Not Feel the Same" "and" "That Is Okay" "But" "I Thought" "You Should Know" "if" "u" "Don't" "Feel It" "I Still..." "Wannabe" "Friends" "I Am" "Corny." 

"My inspiration was I really wanted to tell him in a way were it wasn't too awkward if he didn't feel the same so I thought a playlist would be perfect," Woodley told A Plus.

She later took to Twitter to share her modern method for saying what you want to say to someone without actually saying it. 

Woodley's tweet has since gone viral, garnering more than 125,000 retweets and over 385,000 likes to date. People loved her cute gesture and commended her for coming up with a unique way to convey her feelings.

Spotify even responded with a playlist of they're own.

Woodley may have gone viral, inspired others to create their own playlist, and got a free subscription to Spotify Premium, but the best part of all this is that her crush confessed to feeling the same way about her right back. 

"When I sent it he was really happy and he liked me back so that was cool," Woodley said. 

She hopes others who hear her story will be inspired to follow her lead. "I hope others shoot their shot after seeing my tweet because I've gotten a lot of direct messages from people asking for the playlist to send to their crush and it's super adorable," she said. 


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