Teen Surprises Prom Date By Walking For The First Time In 10 Months

"I am literally in tears over here."

Prom night is supposed to be a night to remember for any high schooler, but this student made hers even more special with a sweet surprise. After not being able to walk for 10 months, a teen from San Antonio, Texas got back on her feet the moment her date arrived at her door

Morgan (@aeonianlife) shared a video of the heartwarming moment on Twitter. "After not being able to walk with my own two legs for 10 months ... I surprised my prom date with this," she wrote. 


In the video, Morgan stands in the foyer while someone else opens the door for Tarik, her date. She then starts to walk toward him and it takes a moment for Tarik to realize what he's seeing. He stumbles back in shock before yelling "No!" and running toward her to give her a hug. "Oh my god," he says. "How did you do that?"

According to The Independent's indy100, Morgan experienced complications during a surgery nearly one year ago, which left her with conversion disorder and mobility issues. 

She showed her prom date โ€” and the Internet โ€” how much progress she's made in recovery since. The sweet video has been viewed over 12.3 million times since it was first posted on Saturday.

The replies were full of with tears and encouragement. Many people thanked Morgan for sharing her experience and giving hope to others who may be struggling. 

To make the night even more memorable, Morgan was crowned prom queen. 

We have a feeling her strength and resilience will continue to inspire all those around her. Congratulations Morgan!


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