Teen Calls On His Male Peers To Bring Pads And Tampons To School

Boys shouldn't be afraid of periods.

Real men wear pink, and according to a Miami teen, real men also carry pads and tampons.

In an Instagram post from last month, 15-year-old Jose Garcia posted a photo of himself holding bright green pads, calling out...



His caption reads:

"Petition for all of us to start bringing a couple pads or tampons to school to help our girl friends. If you have a girlfriend or are friends with a girl, u should know that they do not always have tampons or pads on them, or that sometimes their period just hits them without notice and have a bit of a problem finding one. We should support them with this, after all, we don't have to go trough all they they do because of menstruation, so it's just logical that we help them. You should already know to give them your sweater and not question when they wrap it around their waist. So let's step it up a notch and help them out. IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOUR MOTHER, YOUR GIRLFRIEND, OR JUST WOMEN IN GENERAL I EXPECT FOR YOU TO FOLLOW ME ON THIS."

So far, the post has gotten over 18,000 likes and has been shared over a dozen times.

Garcia told The Daily Dot that he got the idea after seeing girls have to hide their stained pants with sweaters or shyly ask around when they didn't have a pad or tampon. He doesn't want them to have to hide their basic human needs.

"Asking for a pad or a tampon shouldn't be such a taboo thing to boys. It's a natural thing that happens to women," he told The Daily Dot.

He explained that he considers himself a feminist and though he can't stop all the violence and discrimination against women, he can help level the playing field on a smaller scale. 

At the end of his post, he urged the girls he knows to not hesitate to ask him for a tampon:

"To every girl that follows me. You are completely welcomed to ask me for a pad at any time without receiving a negative response or a dirty look. We should all help each other out like this so you don't have to thank me at all. #realmensupportwomen"

He's gotten some flack in the comments for his position, to which he posted an illustration of passing feet to symbolize walking away from the hate. He also shared the below image of himself with the fellowing caption:

"Yo guys thank you so much like I'm really shocked about what going on and surprised of the amount of hate but thank you to all of u who are being so nice towards me," he wrote.

"I didn't expect for this to be what it is but I am proud of it. #realmensupportwomen"

Yes, yes they do.


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