After Being Broken Up With, Teen Cleverly Uses Tinder To Solve Her Skydiving Dilemma

"If you're looking for an attractive guy to go skydiving with who understands that it’ll be a purely platonic evening then look no further."

We can all pretty much agree breakups are the worst, especially when they happen unexpectedly and right before an already planned event, like a vacation, a trip to the opera, a fancy dinner reservation, or, in the case of Emma Vowell, a plan to go skydiving. 

As a surprise birthday gift, the19-year-old sophomore at Purdue University in Indiana, had purchased skydiving tickets for herself and her now ex-boyfriend.  After he broke up with her the week of his birthday, Vowell didn't know what to do with the tickets. 

At first, she tried selling them, but then she had a better idea — to use Tinder to find a platonic date to go skydiving with.


"Interesting story, my ex broke up with me the week of his birthday, so now I awkwardly have two skydiving tickets above the Chicago skyline that expire in November," she wrote in her new Tinder bio.

She had originally advertised the tickets as a joke on Tinder, but then she matched with 22-year-old Austin Bates, a fellow student at Purdue, who was interested in accompanying her on the sky-high experience. 

"What are your requirements to take someone on this skydiving adventure?" he asked her on Tinder.

"Just need it to be someone interesting," Vowell replied. 

Bates let her know he'd send over his resume when he got the chance and Vowell asked that he also include a cover letter.

So that's exactly what he did. 

"If you are looking for an attractive guy to go skydiving with, who understands that it'll be a purely platonic evening, then look no further," he wrote in his cover letter to her. "Throughout my time at Purdue, I have participated in and led high-risk, adrenaline filled weekend excursions, but have yet to check skydiving off of my list." 

He added that he didn't expect Vowell to cover the cost of his ticket without some reimbursement. He offered her several options of repayment including driving her to classes, exams, or bars for a week of her choosing, letting her spend time and receive photos of his puppy, and one-on-one personal training sessions. He also mentioned he'd be willing to cover food, lodging, gas, and more during their skydiving adventure. 

"I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to meet with you, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or would like to arrange an interview," he ended his letter. 

In a now deleted and reposted tweet, Vowell posted screenshots of her Tinder bio and his cover letter. She asked fellow Twitter users if she should take him, and people thought he seemed like a good fit for the adventure. 

Following the positive reactions on Twitter, Vowell and Bates met up for coffee, and plan to go skydiving together October 28.

Everyone moves on from breakups differently, but Vowell's experience is pretty inspirational. Instead of letting her breakup keep her from experiencing an exciting life experience, she found a creative solution. She's making new friends and moving forward instead of letting the end of a relationship prevent her from enjoying herself. 

And, she may have gotten a job out of all this. 

Good things happen to those who put themselves out there.

A Plus has reached out to Vowell for comment.

(H/T: BuzzFeed


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