Selfie Stick Saves This Teen's Life And There's Footage To Prove It

A whole new use for the stick.

People may gawk at the latest trend of taking photos with a selfie stick — otherwise known as a stick that extends out and holds a phone on the end to take a picture without having to ask a random stranger — but as seen last week, the stick can actually save lives. 

While swimming in a Nantucket, Mass., beach with her father, Erynn Johns held a selfie stick with a GoPro attached to film their adventures in the water. But a strong current swept the two underwater. As the GoPro continued to film, the dad and daughter are seen struggling to stay above water. 

"I was overseas in the Marine Corps and I had never been that scared or felt that helpless in that current," dad, Derrick Johns, told WHDH.

Luckily, Erynn says she was rescued by a stranger who used the selfie stick to pull her to shore. That same man ran back in the water to go after her father. 

"If he didn't get to me, I had about 30 seconds left," Johns said.

And the stick got the whole thing on film.


At first, we see Erynn using the stick to record.

But then she and her father got pulled by the riptide and footage shows them both struggling to stay afloat.

The video even shows Erynn getting taken back to shore, safe.

Looks like taking selfies isn't the only thing this stick can do.

Watch Erynn and her dad, Derrick, get saved below:


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